CTB Frag Grenade Pouch
CTB Frag Grenade Pouch
CTB Frag Grenade Pouch
CTB Frag Grenade Pouch

CTB Frag Grenade Pouch


The CTB Frag Grenade Pouch (Cross The Border) is designed to carry one fragmentation grenade in amphibious environments.

Weight: 75 g
Dimensions: 11 x 6 x 6 cm

  • Black
  • Coyote 498
  • Ranger Green
  • Multicam

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The CTB Frag Grenade Pouch is designed to carry one fragmentation grenade (such as the M67 frag grenade or similar dimensions) in amphibious environments.

The FROG.PRO CTB (Cross The Border) line is specifically designed with the aim of providing to amphibious special missions units dedicated equipment which, thanks to special fabrics and specific design choices, enhances performance and survivability during operations that involve working in wet environments such as maritime, fluvial, rainy or snowy areas.

This pouch features ITW Nexus® buckle closure system which provides a secure retention when compared with hook and loop fastening in cases where it may get wet and loose some of its adhesion power. Both the QASM buckle and the bottom strap can eventually be removed and the flap put inside the pouch to get a faster extraction of the fragmentation grenade (Open Top).

The LAHYCO composite fabric used for the main parts of the pouch and its flap is highly hydrophobic, which in wet environments translates to higher mobility and lighter weight. The LAHYCO fabric is also partially FR, and provides sturdier protection against cut, wear, and tears.

The MIL-C-8061 heavy mesh fabric construction effectively drains water after a coastal insertion or any type of water activity, keeping the operator light and efficient.

The MIL-W-5664 or Woven type elasticized band provides an inherently conforming pressure to the content that is reliable and repeatable. The Triglide allows to adjust the pouch height basing on the content.

Our attention to detail, combined with personalized design, offer a unique product that reflects our commitment to “state of the art” military equipment.

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