HAWK Plate Carrier - Phantomleaf...
HAWK Plate Carrier - Phantomleaf...
HAWK Plate Carrier - Phantomleaf...
HAWK Plate Carrier - Phantomleaf...
HAWK Plate Carrier - Phantomleaf...
HAWK Plate Carrier - Phantomleaf...
HAWK Plate Carrier - Phantomleaf...
HAWK Plate Carrier - Phantomleaf...
HAWK Plate Carrier - Phantomleaf...

HAWK Plate Carrier - Phantomleaf Vibes CC2


Disappear through camouflage with our Capsule Collection #2 - Phantomleaf Vibes. Choose the perfect Phantomleaf color variant for the environment you will operate in and feel the vibe of becoming a phantom.

The HAWK Plate Carrier represents the excellence of combat plate carriers. The minimalist design, together with its low weight, ergonomics, modularity and integrated technological solutions make it unparalleled for performance and advantages in modern operative scenarios.

Weight: from 1260 to 1280 g (depending on size)

  • Phantomleaf WASP II Z3a

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The HAWK Plate Carrier is composed by the following elements:

• HAWK Plate Carrier, front and rear plates bags
• Comfort Shoulder Pads
• QR Air Cummerbund
• Modular Reconnaissance Kangaroo Pouch
• n.3 5.56 Mag Velcro Inserts
• Elastic Open Top pullers kit

In creating this product, nothing has been left to chance.

The ergonomic shape of the shoulder pads and of their semi-rigid inserts is designed to wrap around the shoulder, distribute the weight on the trapezius muscle and relieve neck fatigue, allowing at the same time for maximum freedom of movement and a secure rifle buttstock positionment on the shoulder. The MOLLE PALS slots permit the exit of the headset cable in the desired position, besides providing a safe system for anchoring the LPU during maritime missions.

The parts in contact with the body are equipped with a polyethylene closed cell foam padding, with a laser-cut circles pattern which, paired with the 3D air mesh fabric, enhances ventilation and reduces the build-up of humidity caused by perspiration in the pectoral area, thus improving comfort even in prolonged use.

The Open Top design of the plate pouches guarantees a perfect fit for all models of ballistic plates and also gives an easy access to the frontal part, letting the user operate easily on the MOLLE PALS while setting up the equipment.

The HAWK’s structure, entirely made out of LAHYCO composite fabric, was reinforced through the addition of Tegris® technopolymer inserts which enhance the stability of back panels and Phone and Nav boards, improving instruments’ readability and usability during movements and HAHO jumpings.

The Multi-Dot MOLLE PALS system by FROG.PRO®, present on all the plate carrier, besides pouches attachment, also allows for the addition of screws or shock cords for retention of tools such as PTT, chemlights or tourniquet.

The QR Air Cummerbund, light and sturdy, is equipped with Quick Release ROC buckles in offset position, in order to maximize the front space for radio and mag pouches. The inside of the cummerbund is backed with Velcro® brand Velour loop fastener, making possible to employ various types of inserts such as MBITR Velcro Insert, 5.56 Mag Velcro Insert, etc. The adjustment through back shock cord, other than being fast and intuitive, permits the expansion of the rib cage during physical exertion.

The back and the rear part of the cummerbund are equipped with interface for the new patented U.LOK magnetic system, which introduces a new concept of modularity, allowing for instantaneous detachment and re-attachment of cargo pouches and back panels.

The HAWK Plate Carrier is available in two sizes:

• the SM/MD size features SM/MD QR Air Cummerbund which counts 5 to 7 MOLLE PALS columns per side
• the LG/XL size features LG/XL QR Air Cummerbund which counts 7 to 9 MOLLE PALS columns per side

Our attention to detail, combined with personalized design, offer a unique product that reflects our commitment to “state of the art” military equipment.

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