COBRA Operator Belt Kit - FUSION CC1
COBRA Operator Belt Kit - FUSION CC1
COBRA Operator Belt Kit - FUSION CC1
COBRA Operator Belt Kit - FUSION CC1
COBRA Operator Belt Kit - FUSION CC1

COBRA Operator Belt Kit - FUSION CC1


Participate in the creative process of the COBRA Operator Belt Kit making: choose Color #1 and Color #2 to create your personalized and exclusive look.

The products of the Capsule Collection #1 - FUSION can be purchased from November 25th 2022 to December 31st 2022.

Weight: from 355 to 410 g (depending on size)
Width: 1-1/2 ”


With the Capsule Collection #1 - FUSION you can choose Color #1 and Color #2 to create a one-of-a-kind COBRA Operator Belt Kit.

The COBRA Operator Belt is the ultimate solution for those who are looking for a multifunctional belt that features MOLLE PALS system for attaching pouches or accessories. The 1-1/2″ height makes it usable either as a trousers belt when used without pouches, as well as a lightweight outer combat belt worn on top of the COBRA Trousers Inner Belt. Its minimal design, along with its thin construction, fulfill the lightness and mobility needs required in modern scenarios, without renouncing to the modularity offered by the MOLLE system.

The belt inner core, made of a semi-rigid scuba type webbing that ensures the correct stiffness, is wrapped in a double layer of MIL-W-17337, Class 2 webbing that guarantees strength, durability, light refraction typical of the MIL-SPEC webbings and gives it the desired color.

The buckle up system is entrusted to an AustriAlpin COBRA® D-ring buckle in matte black color that has a breaking load of 18 kN (1835 kgf). This buckle is designed to prevent accidental opening; in fact, the security system allows it to be opened only if not under load and only by pressing both the release buttons.

The D-ring, with a breaking load of 22 kN (2243 kgf), can be used with the PRL (Personal Retention Lanyard) or other accessories for rappelling or emergency.

The new Velcro® Ultra-Mate in natural color is sewn in the inner part which, due to its excellent adhesion power, guarantees a perfect pairing when used as an outer belt. Thanks to the slim profile of the new Velcro® hook, less rough than the traditional one, this belt can also be worn alone as a trouser belt.

The new PALS system is built of a proprietary composite fabric called LAHYCO, made of Hypalon and Cordura® 500D that reaches incredible physical and mechanical characteristics. The LAHYCO is the base standard for the development of the new FROG.PRO LC (Laser Cut) line. This new technology allows us to replace the traditional MOLLE PALS system, made of nylon webbing sewn at regular intervals on Cordura® fabric, with a new technical drawing laser cut on the new composite fabric. The new design, fully compatible with the earlier standard MOLLE systems, is lighter, stronger and allows us to add some special features such as utility holes for shock cord or slots for QASM buckles.

The COBRA Operator Belt is available in four different sizes. A further adjustable Velcro® hook & loop regulation allows to fit the belt while used with garments inside the pants. The Velcro® hook is sewn in order to prevent the accidental removal of the sliding component of the buckle, making it extremely safe.

The COBRA Trousers Inner Belt is an awesome solution for those who are looking for a thin, soft and lightweight adjustable trousers belt for everyday use.

Unlike traditional buckle belts, this belt, made of MIL-W-17337, Class 2 webbing, features Velcro® hook and loop adjustment that allows you to fit your waist perfectly.

In case you are called to duty and you need to switch to a combat configuration, thanks to the external Velcro® loop it is possible to add equipped belts such as the COBRA Raider Belt or the COBRA Operator Belt in a few seconds. The hook and loop Velcro® system ensures that the outer belt is perfectly paired with the COBRA Trousers Inner Belt, avoiding rubbing or displacement even during the most intense activities.

The COBRA Trouser Inner Belt features a 1-1/2 " polymer G-Hook: this new buckle, in addition to extending the life cycle of the Velcro® adjustment, allows a quick opening of the belt while maintaining a low profile silhouette.


• SM 86-94 cm 
MD 94-102 cm 
LG 102-110 cm 
XL 110-118 cm

ATTENTION: The measures shown are related to the inner circumference of the belt when closed. For a correct sizing, wear the garments you would use together with the belt and wear the COBRA Trousers Inner Belt or a similar belt, then measure your waist circumference with a soft tape measure directly above the latter. If you don’t have a soft tape measure, you can use a non-elastic rope and then measure it with a hard meter.

Our attention to detail, combined with personalized design, offer a unique product that reflects our commitment to “state of the art” military equipment.

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