SFD-Responder 2.0
SFD-Responder 2.0
SFD-Responder 2.0
SFD-Responder 2.0
SFD-Responder 2.0
SFD-Responder 2.0
SFD-Responder 2.0

SFD-Responder 2.0


The SFD-Responder 2.0 is an unconventional elasticized pouch for carrying the first aid kit designed to ride concealed on your ankle.

Weight: 115 g
Dimensions: 52 × 10 cm

  • Black
  • Coyote 498
  • Ranger Green
  • Multicam

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A good first aid kit must be the first choice of each operator before approaching any mission, but also the first choice of every citizen who takes care of his own and his beloved ones safety.

In some cases a military profile pouch, belt or shoulder carried, could create a kind of concern or suspicion in the people around us, being them either hostile or friendly. For this reason, from the collaboration between FROG.PRO and Safer Faster Defense, the SFD-Responder 2.0 is born. An elasticized unconventional carrying system for the Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) designed to be ankle worn, hidden from the sight but always available.

The central part of the SFD-Responder is made of a double 4″ elasticized band that allows a good adaptability to the size and the shape of products carried. This new version 2.0 features a silicone rubber band inside each pocket to make the retention of the equipment fail-proof.

The outer closure flap features the new laser cut PALS MOLLE system made of LAHYCO, a proprietary composite fabric made of Hypalon and Cordura® 500D that reaches incredible physical and mechanical characteristics. This feature, in addition to allowing the application of accessories by shock cord or patches, offers the possibility to attach additional small dimensions pouches.

The new Velcro® Ultra-Mate in neutral color is sewn in the inner part, which, due to its excellent adhesion power, guarantees a solid pairing. Thanks its slim profile, less rough than the traditional one, the SFD-Responder 2.0 results more comfortable when worn in contact with the skin.

The inner flap is finished with 3D Air Mesh fabric for more comfort and breathability.

To provide greater strength and to maintaining the shape unaltered over time, the Hypalon is used as a base fabric for the closing flaps, both external and internal.

Below an example of the material that can be carried with the SFD-Responder 2.0:

• n.1 tourniquet
• n.1 chest seals pack (2 count)
• n.1 clotting gauze pack (Quikclot, Chito Gauze Pro, etc.)
• n.1 compression bandage with pad (4”) or n.2 compression gauze packs (4”)
• n.1 pair of disposable gloves
• n.1 small flashlight
• n.1 mini sharpie

Our attention to detail, combined with personalized design, offer a unique product that reflects our commitment to “state of the art” military equipment.

IMPORTANT: the medical items shown in the pictures are not included.

DISCLAIMER: neither FROG.PRO nor any of its affiliated partners shall be deemed responsible in any case for issues or damages occurring during the use of FROG.PRO® products. In order to prevent failures due to an improper use of critical equipment such as medical gear, training beforehand is mandatory.

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