MOLON LABE D-Ring Retention Tab
MOLON LABE D-Ring Retention Tab
MOLON LABE D-Ring Retention Tab

MOLON LABE D-Ring Retention Tab


Claim your courage and determination by customizing your COBRA Operator Belt 2.0 with the MOLON LABE D-Ring Retention Tab and show the world your unwavering resolve to never surrender.

Weight: 7,5 g
Dimensions: 2,5 x 6 cm

  • Coyote 498


The COBRA Operator Belt 2.0 features a COBRA buckle with an integrated D-Ring to which a small retention tab is applied, which holds it in place when it is not in use.

The retention tab is removable and can be replaced with other models intended to provide useful information on the field or simply aimed at expressing one's character.

The MOLON LABE D-Ring Retention Tab is made of Hypalon rubberized fabric which guarantees excellent grip even when wet. The “Molon labe” writing is laser engraved directly on the Hypalon to give a low-relief three-dimensional appearance that lasts over time.

Molon labe (Ancient Greek: μολὼν λαβέ, Molòn labé) literally translates to "come and take [them]".

This was the phrase Leonidas uttered to Xerxes when he asked the Spartans to lay down their arms and surrender at the onset of the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC. The Spartans fought heroically for three long days during which they inflicted heavy losses to the Persian army. Even though they were ultimately annihilated, their sacrifice served to delay the Persian march towards Athens, thus providing the Athenians with the time to evacuate the city's inhabitants to the island of Salamis.

Finally, the Ultra-mate type Velcro® brand male hook and loop tape guarantees a perfect pairing with the respective female hook and loop tape on the belt.

Our attention to detail, combined with personalized design, offer a unique product that reflects our commitment to “state of the art” military equipment.

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